This website has been made possible with the help of a large number of partners:

  • Rotterdam Media Commission
  • Willem de Kooning Academie
  • Coos Salomons (Academie St. Joost Breda)
  • Luuk Bode (development Creative Business Map and logo Beards & Suits)
  • Wendy Verlaan (infographics)
  • Anouk Griffioen (photography)
  • Jack Pisters (Conservatorium van Amsterdam)
  • Maarten Timmerman (entrepreneur – feedback and sales)
  • Ayman van Bregt (social media)
  • Mark Hoogstad (journalist – feedback)
  • Marike Bokslag (critical freelancer – editing content)
  • Mark Visser (e-learning)
  • Sander Verdonk (AV)
  • Several entrepreneurs and students who gave feedback

Would you like to become a partner?

We are always interested in working together with partners who are interested in achieving the same goal as us, so please contact us if you are interested. This could concern:

  • working together on content;
  • re-using content in teaching;
  • interviews, reports;
  • sharing knowledge;
  • research.

Rotterdam Media Commission

The aim of the Rotterdam Media Commission is to support the media sector in Rotterdam and to let it flourish. Putting media entrepreneurs, upcoming talent, educational institutions and the local government in touch with each other, the focus of the Rotterdam Media Commission is on serious gaming and e-learning, film and music. In other words: the Rotterdam Media Commission spares no effort in giving the creative media sector the opportunity to be innovative, to present itself and to do good business.

European Union

This is an investment in your future. This project was made possible by the European Regional Development Fund.


The Willem de Kooning Academy (WDKA) and its Piet Zwart Institute are 1 of the 12 institutions that are part of the Hogeschool Rotterdam (University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam). This higher education institute is one of the largest of its kind in the Netherlands with approximately 30,000 students and more than 3,000 employees. It offers 80 different higher education degree programmes in the 12 different buildings of the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Mark Bode

I have a strong drive to develop creative talent and to bring the commercial world closer to the creative as I believe that each can benefit from more and closer co-operations. My economic and strategic background combined with my creative skills and expertise makes that I understand and feel comfortable in both worlds.

Nederlandse Social Media Academie

Ayman van Bregt of the Dutch Social Media Academy is the author of the pages that are related to social media.